Relationship, Sex and Health Education


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Overview of 2021 RSHE Curriculum


Here are the Puzzle Maps which give detail about the content covered in each year group.


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RSHE Parent Consultation June/July 2021

We are currently undertaking our parent consultation regarding the implementation of the government’s statutory guidance on Relationship Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE and Health Education). 

Guidance Document


We have given the consultation lots of thought so that we give everyone an opportunity to take part. We have a genuine commitment to hearing people’s views and want to put in place the right curriculum for our children, for families, for the community and the community as part of Sheffield.

Here is an overview of the consultation process:



Slides used for Meeting 1, which took place on 23rd June

Slides used for Meeting 2, which took place on 29th June

First draft of our curriculum, which we shared during Meeting 2