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At Pye Bank Primary School, the curriculum supports and develops the pupils’ ambitions and aspirations and understanding of the community and the wider world in which they live. The curriculum is underpinned by enquiry based practice and is research led. Through our curriculum we aim to expose children to new experiences, including business and the world of work and research. Academic performance and the development of self (Spirituality, social, moral, physical and cultural development and mental wellbeing) are given equal importance with curriculum design. Our curriculum is designed with the key aim of supporting all children to reach their potential.

The design and technology curriculum at Pye Bank is focused around enabling pupils to be creative and innovative whilst developing a wide range of practical skills. Pupils have the opportunity to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values.

The designing and making process is at the heart of Pye Bank Design and Technology Curriculum. The scheme of work ensures children design, make and evaluate products using the broad range of materials and components specified in the statutory requirements. These include construction materials, textiles, food, mechanical components and also, in Key Stage 2, electrical components. Each unit has its own project planner to support teachers in their delivery of design technology lessons which is supported by the guidance from the Design Technology Association...


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Our Curriculum Intent

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