The Pye Bank Curriculum


At Pye Bank Primary School, the curriculum supports and develops the pupils’ ambitions and aspirations and understanding of the community and the wider world in which they live. The curriculum is underpinned by enquiry based practice and is research led. Through our curriculum we aim to expose children to new experiences, including business and the world of work and research. Academic performance and the development of self (Spirituality, social, moral, physical and cultural development and mental wellbeing) are given equal importance with curriculum design. Our curriculum is designed with the key aim of supporting all children to reach their potential.

Ambition and Aspiration

The curriculum is increasingly ambitious, challenging all children to aspire to be the best version of themselves. At the heart of the curriculum are the school values (Love, Ambition, Equality, Respect and Kindness) which provide a framework for personal development, alongside an understanding of British Values. Children are provided with the opportunities to develop their communication and language skills and apply these to a variety of situations.  The curriculum motivates and enables our children to develop as curious, independent learners, to take risks, engage in debate and memorable experiences and explore further education options and career paths. The curriculum supports children with a wide range of needs and supports our pupils to be secondary ready. Children are kept up to date with modern developments; they explore their skills within STEAM and are supported to understand how they might adapt to future possibilities as they open up.  Pupils are inspired to engage with their learning and be ambitious to achieve academic success. High level engagement leads to exemplary behaviour.

Self, Community and Wider World

The curriculum is centred on a Christian ethos and reflects and incorporates the values of the school and wider community. Pupils are given opportunities to take part in local social action and to gain a greater understanding of key issues at a national and global scale. The curriculum prepares the children to become responsible global citizens and is reflective of our diverse community. Staying safe in relationships, the community and online are a key element of learning and helps to prepare the children for their future. The curriculum promotes good emotional wellbeing, self-esteem and resilience. It develops pupils’ understanding of how to look after their physical and mental health. Parents are recognised as key partners in their children’s learning, within the curriculum and the wider school experience.

Evidence Led and Enquiry Based

The curriculum has been carefully designed with memory in mind, and key knowledge has been identified. Skills and knowledge are planned and delivered in a rigorous and systematic way; content and concepts are revisited and built upon throughout subjects, academic years and year groups. Learning builds systematically. The curriculum has been planned coherently to enable children to become experts in subject disciplines. Developing a love of reading is at the heart of the curriculum. The children use high quality texts and subject-specific vocabulary to help advance their knowledge of subjects and support their explanations of concepts. An important element of our curriculum is to support children to develop a strong work ethic and an understanding of the importance of setting goals and reviewing their learning. Children’s understanding of how they learn and the strategies they can use that help them to be effective learners are evident within our curriculum delivery, with children given opportunities to work collaboratively- ‘learning together’ and ‘learning to be together’ are given equal importance.