Pye Bank CE Primary School is proud to call itself an inclusive school. We are committed to ensuring equality of education throughout the school community. We believe that EVERY child has the right to feel valued and to be supported sufficiently to meet their full academic potential. We BELIEVE in every child and believe that EVERY child with the support of the school and their family can achieve.


At Pye Bank CE Primary School we value each and every member of the
school community. We are committed to creating equal opportunities for
people of ALL races, nationalities, cultures, religions, ages, abilities, sexual orientations and

We are committed to the belief that everyone has the right to work and learn in an
atmosphere of respect and safety and to have an equal opportunity to fulfil
their academic potential and to thrive socially, spirituality and emotionally: As
a unique individual. We value and accept each other's differences and

Remarks or actions which offend or hurt are unacceptable and will
always be tackled by the school, in an appropriate way.

We use the Equality Act 2010 as a framework to support our commitment to valuing diversity, tackling discrimination, promoting equality and fostering good relationships between people. It also ensures that we continue to tackle issues of disadvantage and underachievement of different groups.

We have the following policies in place to help us meet our equality vision:

Equality Objectives and Action Plan

Equality Policy

Accessibility Policy 

Disability Equality Policy

Race Equality Policy

DSAT Equal Opportunities Policy 

DSAT Gender Pay Gap Report