At Pye Bank CE Primary School, we are proud of our school attendance. We have improved the attendance year on year.

We believe that good attendance and punctuality has a positive effect on the self-esteem, behaviour and the achievement of our children so it is vital that children attend school regularly if they are to reach their full potential.

We work in partnership with families to ensure we overcome any barriers to good attendance and are forever grateful for the support that our families provide. 


As part of our initiative to constantly improve and recognise good attendance we have introduced our Attend today, Achieve for the future.

All children have the opportunity every half-term to receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold Certificate and one of our specially designed badges.


Punctuality is very important. When children arrive late they feel unsettled and miss out on learning time.

Below you can see how being late regularly can add up to days of learning time lost.

 5 minutes late each day = 3 days of learning lost

10 minutes late each day = 6 days of learning lost

15 minutes late each day = 9 days of learning lost


Pye Bank CE Primary School start and finish times:

EYFS/KS1 School Day

Breakfast Club starts at 8.00am

Registration is at 8.50am

End of day 3.10pm

KS2 School Day

Breakfast Club starts at 8.00am

Registration is at 8.50am

End of day 3.20pm

For more information about attendance at Pye Bank please see the Parent/Carer Information Leaflet below or pick up a copy in the main school office. Our attendance officer is Mrs Zabeda Hussein who can be contacted via the school office.

Parent/Carer Information Leaflet

Attendance Policy

Attendance Pyramid