Dinners & Milk


The school operates a family lunch style provision and all children are served their meal at their table. It is a social event with children spending time chatting with friends. 

Most of our children have a school meal, cooked from fresh ingredients on the premises each day. Our cooked meals are of a high standard and represent good value for money. There are two hot meal choices and a choice of cheese, egg or tuna sandwiches. 

All meat served in school is halal. 

The school menu is on a three week cycle and may be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Dinner Menu Week 1

Dinner Menu Week 2

Dinner Menu Week 3

For information on allergens please see the school office.

School Dinners cost £2.20 per day and should be paid for in advance. We ask for online payments through Arbor, which is our preferred method of payment. Alternatively meals can be paid for in cash by putting the correct amount in a sealed envelope with the amount, the child's name and class - and putting it in the post box in Reception.  

All children in F2, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible for free school meals. Parents of children in Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 may be eligible for free school meals if they claim benefits. If you would like to know more about free meals, please contact the School Office.

Our school meals are cooked by Mellors. You can find more information about them on their website here

Packed Lunch

A few children choose to bring a packed lunch from home. This is fine, but we do encourage parents to ensure the packed meal is nutritionally balanced and healthy. Children should not bring sweets as part of their meal.

Some excellent advice on how to make a healthy packed lunch can be found on the NHS website, or by clicking here.

A very small number of children go home for their meal each day.

Free Fruit! 

All Foundation and Key Stage 1 children receive a free piece of fruit every day. We also have fruit bowls in all KS2 classes. 


School milk is free to all children under five and also to children who receive free school meals. For all other children you may order and pay for milk. It is delivered fresh daily and needs to be paid for at the start of each term to cover the whole term.

Advice and help on all these matters can be found at the school office or by contacting enquiries@pbp.dsat.education