The geography curriculum at Pye Bank has been carefully designed to ensure pupils develop a good understanding of the world around them. It equips pupils with the key knowledge about the diverse world we live in focusing on places, people and different environments. To be well rounded citizens, we believe pupils need to understand the difference between places and their cultures and be able to recognise how these change over time. Our curriculum ensures that there are carefully planned opportunities to help pupils understand. We are really proud and excited to be applying for The Primary Geography Quality Mark this year.


Four our full Geography intent document please see below


Here at Pye Bank we aim to inspire all children to be ambitious in their learning and to have a desire to learn about the world in which they live, taking them from an understanding of their local area to countries far away! Developing a fascination in and care for the world in which they live is a central aim of our geography curriculum.  

Geography is a subject packed with excitement and wonder, a subject in which children address challenging issues from across the world and helps them to better understand its people, places and environments. Geography also helps us understand how and why places are changing, and to better imagine, predict and work towards better futures.

We want our Geography curriculum to support children in developing a core body of knowledge, key skills and vocabulary, underpinned by a deepening understanding of key concepts linked to Place, Scale and Space.

We have well-chosen topics to study within the National Curriculum and have precisely identified what we want our children to learn. We have made opportunities to revisit and deepen key concepts, building on prior knowledge.

Our Curriculum has been created in line with the National Curriculum: 

Geography National Curriculum

Through enquiry processes we want children to develop their sense of place and to form opinions supported by evidence.

We want children to ask questions and seek answers about:

  • What a place is like and why
  • How and why that place is changing
  • How that place compares with other places
  • How and why it is connected to other places.

As a very diverse community we want our children to have an appreciation of others around them and to value the countries of origin of all they meet.

We have the highest expectations of what we want children to learn: we want them to know and understand more about the world, we want them to be fascinated by what they learn and ultimately we want to grow the next generation of Geographers, Conservationists, Politicians and Citizens of a Global Community.  

Here are our our key curriculum documents for Geography:








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