At Pye Bank Primary School, the curriculum supports and develops the pupils’ ambitions and aspirations and understanding of the community and the wider world in which they live. The curriculum is underpinned by enquiry based practice and is research led. Through our curriculum we aim to expose children to new experiences, including business and the world of work and research. Academic performance and the development of self (Spirituality, social, moral, physical and cultural development and mental wellbeing) are given equal importance with curriculum design. Our curriculum is designed with the key aim of supporting all children to reach their potential.


The aim of the French language curriculum is for children to develop a passion for learning languages.  To have a good level of conversational language.  To have the confidence to communicate with others in a specific language other than their own. Be interested in the actual history, culture and food of the language they are learning. Links to the countries around the world.  Benefits of learning another language, engage with others.  Show an awareness and appreciation of languages around the world.


For our full French intent document please see below:

French Intent Document