Pye Bank CE Primary School


Andover Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S3 9EF

0114 2760 472

Our mission statement is:

1. To ensure that school is a happy and safe place for your children every day.

2. To aim for academic excellence for all children, ensuring that we have the highest expectation of what they can achieve: recognising the potential of every child in our care.

3. To strive at all times to meet the needs of every child of all abilities and backgrounds.

4. To nurture and value every member of the school community, as a unique individual.

5. To work in true partnership with all our parents, our children and our community.

6. To inspire and motivate our children, offering a challenging curriculum which is relevant, designed with memory in mind and reflects the values and the diversity of our amazing faith based community.

7. To provide opportunities which broaden experiences within and beyond the classroom, drawing on and extending existing talents and skills.


In order to fulfil our vision and our pledge to our families, all school leaders will look after, develop, support and challenge all staff so they can be the best that they can be for the children.