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Head Teacher's Welcome


Thank you for visiting Pye Bank C of E School website. We hope you will find it very informative and interesting.


Mrs Rhea Kurcewicz, Headteacher

I am delighted, as Headteacher, to welcome you to Pye Bank. In June 2022, Osfted rated our school as a 'Good' school.  I am incredibly proud of their recognition that, "Pupils are happy to attend Pye Bank CE Primary School" and "All staff have high expectations." (Ofsted, 2022). I firmly believe that with a continued focus on acheiving excellence within everything we do, our school will achieve 'outstanding' at the next inspection.

Our potential to be outstanding comes from our amazing children, our dedicated staff, the diversity of our faith based community and our committed and aspirational parents. All of these factors give Pye Bank a uniqueness and makes us a fabulous learning community to belong to. 



Our Vision


At Pye Bank we strive to create a school environment which is a happy and safe place for children every day, aiming for academic excellence for all children, through the highest expectation of what they can achieve.

We are a school who recognise the potential of every child in our care and strive at all times to meet their needs regardless of abilities and backgrounds. Every child, and member of our school community, is welcomed, nurtured and valued as a unique individual. Working in true partnership with our parents and carers and community we inspire and motivate our children, offering a challenging curriculum which is relevant, designed with memory in mind and reflects the values and the diversity of our amazing faith based community. We broaden experiences and draw on and extend existing talents and skills.



Our Community

Our fantastic school is set in the heart of Pitsmoor and serves an incredibly diverse community. We are extremely proud of the fact that there are at least 28 languages spoken within our school. Many of our families have connections with countries all around the world, as well as belonging to established communities here within the U.K. We are a faith based school community, where we respect and value all faiths, and where we are united through our five key values of love, ambition, respect, equality and kindness. In June 2022, Ofsted said that, "The school values teach the pupils how to be good citizens. Pupils especially show respect and kindness to one another." (Ofsted, 2022)



Our Children

The thing that makes our school most special is the children. They are warm, welcoming and aspirational. Our children love coming to school! They attend well, behave well and have very positive attitudes to learning.  In 2015, OFSTED said that, “The school is welcoming and friendly, and its values and ethos are reflected well in the positive attitudes of pupils and staff. Pupils are polite and friendly and all cooperate well together,” and,Pupils are polite and well behaved. They get on well and are highly respectful to one another.”



Our Curriculum

At Pye Bank Primary School, we are very proud of our curriculum, which we have developed and embedded over the last few years. The curriculum is designed to serve the diverse community of which we are so proud. The curriculum supports and develops the pupils’ ambitions and aspirations and understanding of the community and the wider world in which they live. The curriculum is underpinned by enquiry based practice and is research led. Through our curriculum we aim to expose children to new experiences, including business and the world of work and research. Academic performance and the development of self (Spirituality, social, moral, physical and cultural development and mental wellbeing) are given equal importance with curriculum design. Our curriculum is designed with the key aim of supporting all children to reach their potential.

Our Academy Trust

We are proud members of the Diocese of Sheffield Academies Trust (DSAT). DSAT are a forward thinking Trust based on Christian values, and a school-led model. Staff are offered a number of development opportunities to work with other DSAT schools. We are also pleased to be part of the new Sheffield Cluster of DSAT Schools. To find out more about DSAT, please 


Learning is at the heart of ALL we do and our aim is for every child to achieve excellence.